The area of services provided by the ZINPAK company also includes precise and comprehensive product customizing.

What is product customizing?

The services we provide involve portioning or packaging of products into sets for shipping or retail sale. In technical terms, customizing involves everything which allows to:

  • sort,
  • compile,
  • package,
  • mark and label

various types of products in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

Such orders can be performed manually or using specialized machines or automated packaging lines. We distinguish many types of product customizing. They are very diverse methods in terms of the type of packaged product, packaging type, as well as the method of goods distribution. The term “customizing” to a certain extent overlaps with the English term “co-packing” (in some cases the term either broadens or narrows it, but frequently both terms are used interchangeably).

Within the scope of our services we offer: re-packaging, laminating and inserting of goods. We are aware that not all Customers know what the individual customizing types involve, which is why we provide brief explanations of them below.


Otherwise known as re-packaging – is a comprehensive service which involves many stages and activities associated with preparation of the packages (from design through to manufacturing), as well as the packaged goods themselves, in accordance with all of the Customer’s requirements. Most often this service is ordered by manufacturers and distributors of given products.


  • packaging,
  • re-packaging with the possibility of recovering specifically indicated elements of sets,
  • set customizing with any combination of methods and locations of item placement,
  • inserting,
  • placement of various leaflets, brochures, questionnaires, samples, sachets, coupons or gadgets in any random or precisely specified location on the products,
  • application of dust jackets on specific products in any chosen way,
  • wrapping of products with: tapes, rubbers, string or rope,
  • labeling and application of cores, indexes, stickers,
  • laminating.

We also offer other, even non-standard forms of packaging. We look forward to doing business with you!